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Driving Directions

(1) Taking I-95 (North or South), exit at Woodhaven Road; continue until it narrows to one lane (left). There will be a sign for Evans Street. Turn left and at the traffic light, turn right onto BYBERRY ROAD. You will pass three traffic lights and three streets. PROCTOR ROAD is on the right. Turn right on Proctor Road, and the Church is on the right. 

(2) Taking the PA Turnpike, exit at Philadelphia/No. 28. Take Route 1 South (Roosevelt Blvd. in city) staying in the outer lane. Shortly after entering the city, turn right onto BYBERRY ROAD (Nabisco on corner). Follow directions above going through four traffic lights and three streets to PROCTOR ROAD. 

(3) Taking Route 1 (Roosevelt Blvd.) North to BYBERRY ROAD, turn left onto Byberry and proceed as above going through four traffic lights to Proctor Road. You will know you are getting close to Byberry Road when you pass Grant Avenue, Red Lion Road, and Comly Road (you want to be in the inner lane of traffic). If traveling South on Route 1, proceed as directed in item (2). 

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