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As representatives of our community, the Pastoral Council of St. Christopher Parish developed a Pastoral Plan to explain how each member of our parish can support our mission.

The Pastoral Council created various goals for our parish community. Goals were organized into five major categories:

  1. Adult and Young Adult Formation
  2. Catholic Education of Youth
  3. Evangelization
  4. Roles of Service in the Church:
    Priests and Religious
  5. Roles of Service in the Church:

In order to realize these goals, the Pastoral Council proposed short-term and long-term objectives along with related strategies.

The Pastoral Council defined short-term as those objectives that can be achieved or measured within the first 12 months and long-term as those objectives that can be achieved or measured within the next year to three years.

While the parishioners’ contributions of time and talent are vital to achieving these goals and are not underestimated, the Pastoral Council has also provided a tentative budget for those recommended items that require monetary consideration over and above the time and effort yielded from our human resources.

It is the intention of the Pastoral Council to update this Pastoral Plan at the beginning of every calendar year.

Pastoral Plan

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